Compassionate freedom from alcohol coaching from someone

who truly understands.

I’m Meade Shirley, reformed people-pleaser, former gray-area drinker, and Certified freedom Coach.

First things first: I want you to know that

the peace you’re searching for can be yours.

Still, I also know that the journey from here to there can seem a bit… fuzzy. Which is vulnerable, right? You’re the one who has it all together – there’s nothing you can’t handle or figure out. 

Except for, well, this thing. This feeling that something’s missing. A sense of sleepwalking and living life on autopilot. The glass of wine to “relax” that’s now part of your routine, and this slow slide to burnout, unfulfilling relationships, and unhealthy habits. 

Phew. That feels like a lot. It is a lot. But I’ve been there, and I’m here to be your guide. 

My journey from stuck to wholeness

As your coach, I’m here to support you with freedom and mindset coaching to help you reconnect with yourself and feel joy, experience release, and embrace peace.

Let me tell you – I used to be stuck. While the shiny exterior of my life gave the impression everything was wonderful, with a supportive husband, happy kids, wonderful friends, and great church and community, something still felt missing. 

As a stay-at-home-mom and then a pharmaceutical sales rep, I felt this constant  internal tension that made me irritable and edgy. Around this time, my once “drink-wine-only-on-the-weekends” lifestyle turned into a nightly habit, the thing I most looked forward to at the end of a long day. I thought I deserved this “reward” for all my efforts of serving and pleasing others while simultaneously making it look easy. Don’t let them see you sweat, right?! 

But one night after bedtime stories and prayers, I leaned in to smother my four year-old’s sweet, tiny face in kisses. To my shock, she pushed me away and very dramatically shouted, “Ew Mama! Your breath stinks like wine! No kisses tonight!”

Wait… Did my four year old just call me out for drinking wine?!

It would be a while before I could get real with myself and acknowledge the underlying sadness I felt in that moment. Despite trying to block it out for months, it’s a moment that I’ll never forget – and it’s also one for which I’ll always be grateful.
I once thought life was in doing more, serving more, performing more, achieving more so I could be more. But the truth? This thinking kept me using wine and unhealthy habits to quiet the noise of that chaos and silence the shame of not quite being enough.

My decision to live alcohol-free wasn’t the result of some rock bottom event, but from learning more about the subconscious brain’s powerful role in the choices we make. I was so lit up by this knowledge that I pursued a coaching certification and left my corporate career behind to coach others who were still standing where I once stood. 

Now, I’m here to guide you to pursue a life of freedom—freedom from alcohol, freedom from people-pleasing, freedom from allowing the hustle to define your worth. You’ll come away with that missing peace you’ve been seeking for so long, with the confidence to pursue everything you’re still hoping for. Because here’s the REAL truth: Life is not about doing more, drinking more, or being more. It's simply in the being.

Here’s what I believe in.

And these values help pave the path to finding your missing peace.


The power to choose—or the realization that choice is the source of true power—is the gate that opens the path towards experiencing freedom.

Creation of Beauty

Beauty comes in many forms. Together we focus on the beauty in living authentically, the beauty of deep and meaningful relationships, the outward beauty you exude when you feel you’ve stepped into your desired state of living.


The only way out is through. I believe in long-term, sustainable success—not just a quick fix. Everything changes when you’re ready to commit to the vulnerable, deep work required to gain an understanding of your tendencies and develop new skills to reclaim your future.


I see you, I hear you and I want to know you. Let’s take a moment to slow down and truly sift through all the chaos and hustle to identify your core desires and create a space for you to experience peace in your day-to-day life.

I see you trying to survive.

It’s time to thrive.

It’s my honor to be your guide. 

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