Find Your Missing Peace.

Free your thoughts.
Free your life.
Free yourself.

Where do you turn to find relief from the hustle?

Many of us secretly have a “thing” – you know, the thing you use too often to escape, relax, feel relief, or just not have to feel that inconvenient feeling right now. The thing that used to feel like a reward, but lately has been taking more than it’s giving.  

Maybe your “thing” is wine. Maybe it’s food, social media, or online shopping. Whatever it is, take heart: it just means you’re human, and the thing is totally tackle-able. 
Which is great news, because that goodness, that peace, that fulfillment you’ve been aching for? It’s all on the other side of this struggle. 

When you're free to be exactly as you are, you don't need the wine or any of the stuff that’s stealing the fullness and beauty of life right now. Finally, you can just be YOU. Because YOU are always enough. 

Stop escaping and start living.

The Missing Peace Program is here to help you trade emptiness for enoughness. 

When you're tired of the 'go-go-go,' the people-pleasing, and the self-doubt, it’s time to shift your focus inward to reconnect with your true self and what really matters to you. 
The Missing Peace framework offers you these four key ingredients to find your freedom. 

The Missing Peace offers you video lessons, guided coaching, and self-exploration exercises to help you rebalance and reconnect with your authentic self. 

01. Content

You’re not in this alone. The Missing Peace Community skips right past the “compare & share” culture of social media and is here for you as a safe, supportive place to build relationships and ask questions. 

02. Community

If you’ve ever thought “how can I have a big social circle but still feel lonely?,” there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Establishing meaningful, genuine connection with like-minded women is a powerful gift in your healing process.

03. Connection

In The Missing Peace, you won’t just learn about ideas or concepts – you’ll get to feel, grow, and practice them with me by your side. Think of me as your private certified coach and get my support on-demand in the community as well as live each week in our group coaching calls. 

04. Coaching

The Missing Peace Program

You’re in the right place to find your missing peace.

The Missing Peace helps you shed the limiting beliefs and shame that keep you stuck, with practical tools for change and abundant grace and compassion. 

Your program includes…

  • 12 weeks of support that blends the best parts of self-paced content, live coaching, and 24/7 community
  • A 1-hour, weekly group coaching call via Zoom – a safe and personal place for your growth and questions 
  • Unlimited access to the online Missing Peace Community, where you can participate however it feels authentic to you and receive support from understanding women walking a similar path 

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Finding your Missing Peace is possible

 – take it from these women. 

"I have been a heavy but ‘functional’ drinker for about 25 years and known for some time this needs to stop. I was able to stop and moderate, but my goal was to FINALLY be alcohol-free, forever. To my surprise, I felt immediately comfortable in sharing with Meade. She has lived experience, she is compassionate, encouraging, and fun. She has helped me to really dig deep through honest self-reflection to understand what was at the root of my drinking."

“Coaching with Meade was the catalyst that allowed me to grow and move on in tackling something I’ve tried to solve for a very long time.




I found the answer in myself, but only because Meade shined a light on it. She is insightful, gentle, and firm."

"Meade was a beacon of light on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance related to my addictive patterns, helping me overcome feelings of shame, inadequacy, and imperfection.

She guided me to find new paths toward greater freedom and independence. Her intuition and emotional clarity facilitated a breakthrough from dwelling on past hurts to becoming more alive in the present."

Meet yourCoach

I'm Meade Shirley, a reformed people-pleaser, former gray-area drinker, and Senior Certified This Naked Mind Coach. 

I’m here to guide you to pursue a life of freedom—freedom from alcohol, freedom from people-pleasing, freedom from allowing the hustle to define your worth. You’ll come away with that missing peace you’ve been seeking for so long, with the confidence to pursue everything you’re hoping for in life. Because here’s the REAL truth: Life is not in the doing more, drinking more, or being more. It's simply in the being. And I’m by your side. 

Questions about finding your own missing peace?

Who is this program for?

If you’re a woman who is…
  • Sleepwalking through life, living on autopilot, or feeling burned out
  • Struggling with unhealthy habits 
  • Sick of the conflicting thoughts and feelings that are racing through your mind
  • Tired of the “do more, be more” hustle
  • Feeling like something’s missing despite having so much to be grateful for

… then this program will be a balm for your soul (in addition to being a powerful tool for lasting change)!

You’ll get the most out of The Missing Peace if you have about 10 minutes each day to devote to the course content and are available to join most of the once-weekly calls. 

What if the program isn’t for me?

The community experience is a core component of The Missing Peace, and we create a safe space together by showing up fully as ourselves. Due to the intimate and personal nature of group coaching, I kindly ask that all participants honor their commitment to the full duration of the program. 

There are no refunds after enrollment, but I encourage you to get in touch with me any time if you have questions or concerns. If you’re on the fence about joining, you’re welcome to book a free discovery call with me so we can be sure that the program is right for you. 

What if I’m not sure if alcohol is my problem or I’m not sure if I want to be alcohol free?

You are so welcome here! The only thing you need to know is that some part of you is craving change. The program will help you work through your feelings and habits so you can set better boundaries, define what freedom looks like to you, and establish the deeper connections you’re really looking for. Many participants are looking to reset their relationship with alcohol, but others have different habits that they’re working to change. 

Why is the program 12 weeks long?

Research shows it takes about 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic, and I designed this course with that fact in mind. When we are truly committed to making lasting change we have to invest a little to gain a lot! Rather than overwhelm you with content in a short period, working together for 12 weeks allows you to practice what you’re learning, let all of your growth sink in, and get sustained support over time.  

Your freedom is right around the corner.

It’s time to experience the power of peace.

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