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True freedom comes when not drinking feels totally effortless, and everything you love doing is even more enjoyable without alcohol. That’s where all the things that are holding you back start to fall away and you can begin to create the life you want for yourself and your family.

You may be feeling stuck in your corporate career, caught in the busyness of being a parent. Exhausted, showing up to serve your church or community, all while maintaining the facade of a perfect life. 

Though your life on paper looks great,

Wine has become the answer to the stress, anxiety, and noise at the end of a long day. You’re starting to wonder if your wine habit is taking more than it’s giving.

it feels like something is missing.

Hi, I'm Meade.

And that was my journey.

Does all this sound familiar?

After leaving my corporate career behind, I became a certified coach to guide others in pursuing a life of freedom—freedom from alcohol, freedom from people-pleasing, freedom from ‘busy’ allowing the hustle to define your worth and the ultimate freedom to show up as your truest, best self.

With a science-based methodology and a compassion-first approach, you’ll come away with that missing peace you’ve been seeking for so long and the confidence to pursue everything you’ve dreamed of in life.

find freedom now

As someone who used to believe the lie of ‘mommy wine culture’ that wine is the necessary reward for working hard, it was all too easy to end each day with a glass of wine or several. Today, I’m living blissfully alcohol-free, and I love helping others do the same. 

For the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching highly-driven people who describe themselves as perfectionists, nurturers, hustlers, doers and people-pleasers, find relief from the hustle by reconnecting to their own inner greatness.

When we work together, you’ll come away equipped with the tools and resources to show up consciously, compassionately and courageously in your daily life. 

The opposite of stuck is free. Free starts with choice. With my signature Missing Peace framework, I can guide you out of stuck and into choice where creating the life you’ve imagined is not just a dream, it’s a reality. When you’re living the life of your dreams alcohol no longer takes up space in your mind, your heart or your life. This is true freedom.


They learn the truth that wine is the opposite of self-care, that to love and care for others well, we have to first love and care for ourselves.

My clients get unstuck, find peace,

and discover freedom.

I found the answer in myself, but only because Meade shined a light on it. She is insightful, gentle, and firm.”

“I have been a heavy but ‘functional’ drinker for about 25 years and known for some time this needs to stop. I was able to stop and moderate, but my goal was to finally be alcohol-free, forever. To my surprise, I felt immediately comfortable in sharing with Meade. She has lived experience, she is compassionate, encouraging, and fun.




"Coaching with Meade was the catalyst that allowed me to grow and move on in tackling something I’ve tried to solve for a very long time.

She has helped me to really dig deep through honest self-reflection to understand what was at the root of my drinking."

"She guided me to find new paths toward greater freedom and independence."

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